University Policies

Policies connect the University's mission to individual conduct, support compliance with laws and regulations, promote operational efficiencies, and mitigate institutional risk by establishing specific requirements for all members of the University community.

Our goal is to provide support to the University community in the development and adoption of University Policies consistent with procedures outlined in the Policy on Policies. In addition to providing a central repository for official University policies, we also have tools and resources to aid in effective Policy drafting and adoption.

Right now, we're working to identify and classify policies found elsewhere on University websites or documents, so the list of University policies published on this site is not exhaustive. The absence of a policy from this or related websites does not excuse a member of the University community from complying with the applicable policy.

The University Policies on this website are currently listed alphabetically. Many important college, department, academic or administrative unit policies serve similar purposes to the policies outlined on this site, but are unit-specific and not included here.

Please note that this is the home for official University of Louisiana at Lafayette policies. University policies located on other websites may be incorrect or obsolete. University websites wishing to communicate a University Policy should link to the policy's page on this site.

Operational Review

University policies are a part of the University’s Office of Operational Review. Within the Department of Administration and Finance, Operational Review coordinates the review, approval, adoption, and archiving of University policies. While Operational Review is responsible for facilitating the development, adoption and posting of University policies, responsibility for the content and management of a University policy resides with the responsible executive, typically a University vice president.