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About University Policies

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette policies website was developed to provide a central location for policies that affect the University community and to ensure easy access to University-wide policies. However, the website is a work-in-progress and it does not contain an exhaustive list of University policies. University policies will be added to this website until the site becomes a comprehensive resource for University policies.

Please familiarize yourself with University policies. It is the responsibility of all individuals to be aware of and to comply with relevant University policies.

Note that individual units may maintain policies and procedures that apply only to that unit. Such policies do not override University-wide policies. Please refer to units directly to access program-specific policies.   

Any questions or comments about, or suggestions for this website should be directed to the University Policy Coordinator at (337) 482-1394 or at

Please know that this site publishes the current official University of Louisiana at Lafayette policies. University policies located on other websites may be incorrect or obsolete. University websites wishing to communicate a University policy should link to the policy on this site.