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Compensatory Leave Policy for Unclassified Professional Staff

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Responsible Executive: Vice President for Administration and Finance

Responsible Office: Human Resources

A. Compensatory leave may be granted for overtime hours worked outside the regularly assigned 40-hour work week, or when an employee has not worked in excess of 40 hours due to holidays observed or leave taken. Earning of compensatory leave must have prior approval of the immediate supervisor, department head and the appropriate Vice President or the President.

B. Compensatory leave shall not be earned by the following employees: presidents, vice presidents, deans, athletics directors, and athletic coaches. Exceptions may be made to permit these employees to be exempted from having to take leave when the University is officially closed. Such exceptions shall be included in the appointment letter of the individual involved. In all events, any employee who is entitled to earn compensatory leave under the Fair Labor Standards Act shall earn such leave in accordance with Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

C. Not more than 40 working days can be earned during any fiscal year. Compensatory leave can be used for any purpose with the approval of the immediate supervisor, department head, appropriate Vice President or the President.

D. Not more than 30 working days of accrued unused compensatory leave can be carried forward into a new fiscal year.

E. An appointing authority may require employees to use their earned compensatory leave at any time.

F. Employees will not be paid the value of their accrued compensatory leave upon separation from their unclassified position.

G. In the event an employee transfers without a break in service to another position within the State service, compensatory leave may be credited to the employee at the discretion of the new appointing authority.

H. For proper administration of this policy, the following procedure will apply:

1. Prior approval for earning compensatory leave must be requested (electronic form in WebAID) and signed by the immediate supervisor, department head, the appropriate Vice President or the President.

2. An Application for Leave form (electronic form in WebAID) must be signed by the appropriate officials listed in item (1) when compensatory leave is to be taken.

3. While on official travel on a regular University work day, an employee can earn a maximum of five (5) hours of compensatory leave for hours worked after 4:30 p.m. During weekend official travel, an employee can earn a maximum of eight (8) hours per day.

4. Employees will not earn compensatory leave while on “on call” status unless specifically approved by the President of the University.

5. When an employee has earned a total of 40 working days of compensatory leave during any fiscal year, further approval of compensatory leave shall cease. Department heads are to take the necessary precautions to preclude approval of compensatory leave beyond the maximum allowed.

6. Compensatory leave will automatically be charged for designated University closings. Employees who do not have enough compensatory leave earned will be charged annual leave in lieu of compensatory leave. Employees whose compensatory and/or annual leave are not sufficient will be docked for the number of deficit days. (Employees who work on any designated school closing should indicate this on the monthly leave form so that their records can be adjusted)